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How to Add a Rain Shade to a Deck

A rain shade allows you to enjoy your deck even in wet weather. While a rain shade won't protect much against wind or cold temperatures, it does keep you dry in the rain, and this gives you more freedom in using your deck during the summer even during downpours. Rain shades are typically permanent or semipermanent structures that attach to the house so they hang over the deck.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Water-resistant header board
  • Wireless hammer drill
  • Safety goggles
  • Galvanized lag bolts and washers
  • Mounting brackets
  • Wrench
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      Measure the wall of the house adjacent to the deck with a tape measure. You usually need more then 7 feet of clearance from the deck floor to the top of the wall to ensure you have clearance for the rain shade. Measure the width of the wall as well. There should be no obstructions such as lights or vents on the wall where you want the shade to go.

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      Drill a water-resistant header board into the wall. If the wall is wood, the header board drills directly into a stud. If the wall is brick or stucco, use a wireless hammer drill to punch through the material safely. Wear safety goggles to prevent injury from debris. If installing the board to vinyl siding, remove the siding under the header board so the board is right up against the wall. The rain shade should come with anchors to hold the header board in place so it supports the shade's weight.

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      Use galvanized lag bolts to attach mounting brackets to the header board. Place the brackets at the same distance from each other as the shade width.

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      Set the shade into the mounting brackets. Follow all instructions that come with the installation set for best results: The specific method of installation varies slightly depending on the type of shade you use. The edges of the shade lock into the mounting brackets often with bolts that hold them in place. You may need a wrench to tighten or lock them.