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How to Repair the Flushing Mechanism on High-Efficiency Toilets

The flushing mechanism in high-efficiency toilets is the water fill valve, which controls the act of flushing and the refilling of the toilet's water tank. This valve can become faulty and require repairs ranging from tightening couplings to greasing the valve gasket. These troubleshooting procedures are not advanced and do not require professional consultation. You can repair your toilet's flushing mechanism even if you're a novice.

Things You'll Need

  • Socket wrench
  • Silicone grease


    • 1

      Locate the toilet's supply valve. It can be found by following the water supply hose from the rear of the toilet toward the wall. The valve will be near the wall and will feature a conspicuous knob. Turn this knob in the clockwise direction to deactivate the water supply flow to the toilet.

    • 2

      Remove the lid covering the toilet's water tank. You will simply need to pull it up and off.

    • 3

      Pull down on the toilet's handle and hold it until the water flows out of the tank and the tank is left empty.

    • 4

      Check the base of the empty tank for the fill valve. Unscrew the coupling at the underside of the valve using a socket wrench.

    • 5

      Unscrew the retaining ring from within the toilet's fill valve in the same manner.

    • 6

      Remove the fill valve assembly now that it's been loosened up. This is the piece that controls the flushing.

    • 7

      Turn the fill valve assembly upside down to find the valve's gasket. Grease the surface of the gasket with silicone grease, then flip it around and slide it back into place within the tank as before.

    • 8

      Use your socket wrench to screw the retaining ring and water supply coupling back into place. Ensure they are tight. These couplings and rings can become too loose and cause flushing mechanism issues.

    • 9

      Twist the water valve's knob counter-clockwise to reactivate the water flow to the toilet. Place the lid back over the tank.