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How to Hire Someone to Install Curtain Rods

When a home improvement job needs to be done, and you have enough to do already, hire a contractor. No job is too small for hardworking home improvement specialists. Hire one to install your curtain rods to make sure they are installed evenly and safely so they do not come lose. Here's what you need to know and how to negotiate with a professional contractor.


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      Ask your friends and neighbors for a referral. Word-of-mouth recommendations are always the best way to find a skilled worker to make improvements to your home. To hire someone to install curtain rods for you, ask your friends and neighbors if they have ever had similar work done. See if they were happy with not only the contractor's skills, but his speed, efficiency and honesty. If you have children or pets, ask people if their contractor was easygoing and responsible.

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      Contact more than one person and take notes when you speak with them. Compare their schedules, prices and skill levels.

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      Know what you want when you call to hire a person to install curtain rods for you. Find out how many windows need curtain rods, the size and shapes of the windows. Know if you have a deadline that the job must be finished by, or a time frame within which the person must work. Also, figure out if you will need the contractor to come to your home on evenings and weekends, or if he can enter your home during the workweek.

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      Be flexible. You may have to make some compromises with the person you want to hire. For example, you may want the curtain rods installed this week, but the contractor may be busy, and not be able to work for you until next week.

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      Ask for an estimate. Remember that an estimate is not a promise, but it is an educated guess about the amount of money the contractor will charge you after he has installed your curtain rods. A responsible contractor will alert you during the job if he realizes that the job will cost substantially more.

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      Compare the notes you took while talking to different contractors about installing curtain rods for you. Look over how much each person will charge you and what their schedules are to see which one fits your needs most. Remember, one person may fit your schedule, but be more expensive than somebody who can't do the job as soon as you would like. Think about what is most important to you, how much you can afford, and how comfortable you felt talking with each contractor.

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      Decide which one you'd like to hire, and call him back. Hire this person to install curtain rods for you.