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How to Find a Grandfather Clock Repair Service and Dealer

A grandfather clock, once more commonly identified as a longcase clock, is a freestanding, ornately designed cabinet containing a weight-driven pendulum clock. According to Geoffrey Walker, a professional antique clock restorer in Britain, if cared for properly, your grandfather clock will grow more valuable over time and could possibly last for hundreds of years.


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      Check your warranty. If your grandfather clock was purchased over the past decade or so, it may be under warranty. Dig up your receipt and paperwork to find the service number.

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      Search online for a reputable grandfather clock service company and dealer. You can get a referral for a qualified horologist, a clock expert who often repairs clocks, at the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (AWCI).

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      Look in the Yellow Pages for a clock-repair service. The referrals given to you by AWCI may not be in your area. Look under "clock repair and service" or "horologist" for a service center near you. Be sure the person you contact has had specific experience repairing and servicing both new and antique grandfather clocks.

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      Check references. Ask your clockmaker if he can provide references from other customers. A grandfather clock is too valuable to leave in the hands of someone not qualified to service it.

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      Search online for clock dealers. Type "grandfather clock dealers" into a search engine like Google. Multiple pages will be returned with listings for dealers of antique clocks, new clocks, clocks found at estate sales, and refurbished clocks as well.