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How Much Does it Cost to Clean Gas Furnace Coils in an Attic?

A gas furnace should be serviced every year or two to ensure maximum efficiency. Some furnaces use a series of coils to heat and cool air throughout the house. Many parts are not available to the general public because manufacturers often require a certified technician to maintain the gas furnace.
  1. Coils

    • The coils used to heat or cool the home are typically copper or aluminum. The coils are stored in a box and can be removed for cleaning. The coils require cleaning because the coil housing removes humidity from the system as condensation. A drain is attached to the coils. The coils can collect mineral deposits from the condensation over time.


    • The coils are cleaned using solution recommended by the furnace’s manufacturer or a standard product used to clean the aluminum or copper coils effectively without damaging them. A heating, ventilation and air conditioning technician typically services the entire furnace, which includes cleaning the coils.


    • To clean and service a furnace in the attic, the estimated cost is $50 to $250 at the time of publication. Replacement parts are typically not included in the service. Older furnaces may cost more to service because they may require additional work to function efficiently. Many service organizations offer a maintenance plan, which includes a qualified technician servicing the unit yearly or every two years. Enrolling in a maintenance plan can lower costs because it guarantees the service company business on a continual basis.


    • Generally, an attic gets hotter than the rest of the house in warm temperatures and cooler than the rest of the house in cold temperatures. In some homes, the only option is to install a furnace in the attic to save space. Ensure the furnace is well-maintained and check frequently to see that it’s functioning properly. The extreme conditions may require shorter time frames for cleaning and routine maintenance.