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Repairing Door Thresholds

Thresholds are generally found under exterior doors and serve in different capacities. The door threshold sees a lot of wear and tear via heavy traffic in and out of the house. It also acts as a weather strip, serving as the primary block from outside air entering under the door. Door thresholds will eventually need repairing or to be replaced.
  1. Preparation

    • Regardless of whether you are repairing or replacing the threshold, you will need to remove the door for easier access to the work space. Usually this is a simple procedure of removing the hinges and setting aside the door. If this is not feasible, it is also possible to prop the door open using a doorstop or shims. Be sure the door is securely open and will stay in that position for the period of time you are working on the threshold.


    • Before you begin work, it's necessary to take measurements of the old threshold. This is true even if you plan on repairing and not replacing. You may need substantial sections of threshold and accurate measurements are helpful in any instance. Measure the width, thickness and length of the threshold to be repaired or replaced. If you are replacing the entire threshold allow 1 to 2 inches more in length, which will be trimmed to an exact fit upon installation.


    • If necessary, use a reciprocating saw to remove the damaged pieces of the threshold. Carefully use a flatbar to pry out the damaged sections or the entire threshold if replacing it. Check the flooring under the threshold for rot or decay. If any of this is present, you will need to repair the flooring underneath and replace the entire threshold.


    • Place the new threshold next to the area in which it will be installed. Try sliding it in place at the widest point and mark both ends. Notches need to be cut on each end to allow for the door jambs. Although thresholds themselves act as weather stripping, they also may come with one. This is placed under the new threshold. Once the threshold has been accurately sized, set it in place and secure with screws.