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How to Alleviate Flooding in the Basement

If you've ever had to deal with a flood, you probably want to avoid the next one at all costs. Dealing with a flooded basement can be an expensive ordeal, not to mention a lot of hard work. Basement flooding can contribute to mold growth as well as electrical and structural damage to the home. Cleanup may require you throw out a large portion of the material in the basement, too. Alleviating the property from flooding is the only way to save yourself from this ordeal.

Things You'll Need

  • Splash blocks
  • Soil
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      Adjust the home's spouting for proper clearance. Spouts from the home's gutter should extend at least 6 feet from the basement wall to prevent flooding. Install a 2-foot long cement or plastic splash block underneath each spout to keep water from spraying on the wall. Splash blocks are available at most hardware stores.

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      Build up the soil around the house to increase the slope of the yard. The slope guides water away from the home. Grade the yard so that the soil slopes out 6 feet from the basement walls.

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      Clean the sewer drain lines according to your area's regulations. Clogged sewer drain lines prevent a basement from draining if water comes into the property. If you are part of a homeowner's association, ask whether you, as the property owner, must clear out the basement drain line to the main sewer.

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      Repair basement wall cracks and other areas showing signs of wetness. Use a basement wall patch according to the instructions on its label to patch the walls.