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Painting Steel Siding Vs. Buying New

If the steel siding of your home is beginning to degrade or look old and dingy, you may want to replace it. Unfortunately, when replacing one section of siding it is difficult to match the color to the rest of the house. You can either paint the siding to look like new or replace the siding on the entire house.
  1. Damaged Siding

    • Steel siding breaks down over time and begins to rust even when it is coated with a high quality rust protector. If your siding has just begun to rust and looks unsightly, you can have it cleaned, sprayed with a new rust protector and painted. If your siding is damaged beyond repair from storms and wind or severely dented, your best option is to replace the steel siding. If you paint make sure the older paint is intact. Painting over peeling paint will cause the new layer to bubble and peel as well.


    • Painting steel siding is initially much less expensive than replacing siding on the entire house. Steel siding is high in cost compared to other siding materials, but you can choose to replace it with vinyl, aluminum or wood. Painting, however, does not last long and in the long run is more expensive. To keep the house looking fresh, you may want to paint every few years. You can cut down on the cost of painting by telling the contractor you will clean, brush and bleach the siding yourself so it is ready to paint.


    • New siding will last on average for 30 to 40 years depending on the local environment. In areas with more sunlight, rain or wind, the siding will break down faster. Painted steel siding will only look new for a couple of years. Since paint is a porous material, it collects mildew, dirt and other stains. Painting steel will last longer than painting wood or vinyl siding because it does not expand and contract based on weather.


    • Both painting steel siding and buying new will initially make your home look new. As the paint collects dirt, however, your home will begin to look shabby again. Paint gives you the option of changing your mind every couple of years with a new color. Steel siding will look new for much longer, but you must stay content with the color you choose.