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Alternatives to Hanging Ceilings

Hanging ceilings are economical and relatively simple to install, making them an excellent choice for institutional settings. However, for a home, they lack the warmth and style that most people desire. If you are looking for an alternative to hanging ceilings, you can consider several options.
  1. Drywall Ceilings

    • Drywall ceilings are a more versatile alternative to hanging ceilings because they can be plastered or painted in a variety of styles to fit the decor of the room. For a home, they offer a less institutional feel than suspended ceilings, making for a warmer living space. Drywall ceilings are attached directly to the ceiling joists, then plastered and finished according to your preferences.

    Stretch Ceilings

    • Stretch ceilings are made of a thin layer of PVC, which is stretched across the bare ceiling. They are ideally suited to oddly shaped rooms and ceilings because they can be fitted over and around existing architectural elements. Stretch ceilings are quicker to install than drywall, but give a professional look to a room. They are available in a variety of colors and finishes, making it possible to match your ceiling to the look of the room.

    Bare Ceilings

    • Bare ceilings can work in certain settings. Older homes will often have beautiful wood beams that are better left exposed than covered up. These can simply be refinished in a stain or painted to fit the decor of your house. In newer homes, it is generally better to cover up the bare ceilings, but in some cases, such as a basement, you might want to opt for the unfinished look if you are concerned about costs and don't use the area as a living space.

    Plywood Ceilings

    • Plywood ceilings can be used when a simple, quick-to-install ceiling is in order. Plywood will offer extra sound protection compared to an unfinished ceiling. A plywood ceiling can be installed by screwing plywood onto the ceiling joists. The plywood can then be left as-is or given a coat of paint if the room is purely utilitarian. If you are decorating the room, a plywood ceiling can be covered in tile.