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Ryobi Power Tools

Ryobi, a Japanese-based company, was founded in the early 1940s and has become one of the most recognizable power tools company in the world. This company manufactures power tools such as drills, table saws and sanders that use power cords or are battery-operated. The only place to buy Ryobi tools in the U.S. is The Home Depot.
  1. Circular Saw

    • A circular saw is a power saw with a round blade that rotates at a high rate of speeds. These tools are more mobile and can make longer cuts than table saws. Some circular saws have power cords and plugs, while others are battery-operated. Ryobi's battery-operated 18-Volt One circular saw has a five-and-a-half-inch blade and laser guide, which helps the user cut in a straight line.

    Hammer Drill

    • A hammer drill is similar to a regular drill, but is often used for drilling holes into hard surfaces, such as masonry, because it adds a rapid series of hammer-like pulses to its drilling action. Most hammer drills come with two handles so the operator will have a more firm grip while drilling. Both power cord and battery-operated models are available. Ryobi's 18-Volt One+ 2-Speed Hammer Drill is battery-operated and offers two different torque speeds.


    • Power jigsaws have small-width blades that operate in a vertical reciprocating motion. Jigsaws are commonly used for cutting thin material, like luan, and making curved cuts in a sheet of wood or metal. A flat surface called the shoe is at the bottom of a jigsaw that rests on the surface being cut to provide stability and prevent the blade from bending. The flat shoes on jigsaws can be adjusted to make the blade cut at an angle. Ryobi offers the 18-Volt One Variable Speed Orbital Jigsaw. It has variable speeds, and the orbital function allows the blade to move forward and back in addition to its up and down motion, according to user setting. This jigsaw is sold with or without a cord.

    Table Saw

    • A table saw has a round blade, similar to a circular saw, but it is set into a table where material to be cut is pushed across the table into the blade as it turns. Most table saws, including the Ryobi 10-inch Table Saw, have an adjustable miter gauge to help create straight lines. Its table is 16 inches by 25 3/4 inches. This Ryobi product is easy to put in storage, as the table legs fold, and it comes with safety features such as a transparent blade cover with anti-kickback pawls. The blade height can be adjusted with knobs underneath the table's surface.