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How to Repair a Rug Using Rug Binding

Floor rugs add warmth to a house both functionally and aesthetically. Don't toss a rug that's a little frayed; a simple repair with some rug binding tape will do the trick.

Things You'll Need

  • Shears
  • Cotton binding tape
  • Heavy duty hand needle
  • Carpet thread
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    • 1
      Sharp scissors make for fast work.

      Trim the frayed edges of the rug.

    • 2

      Unroll the binding tape and lay it on the edge of the rug that needs repair.

    • 3

      Cut the binding tape two inches longer than that edge.

    • 4

      Unfold the binding and evenly place half over the rug's top edge.

    • 5
      Cross stitches make beautiful embroidery and are functional as well.

      Secure the rug binding in place with cross stitches. Cross stitches look like a perfect letter X when done correctly. Sew a row of angled stitches across the entire edge of the binding through the binding and rug. When you reach the end of the row, reverse direction, crossing back over each stitch.

    • 6

      Flip your rug over, fold the rug binding to the back and secure the rug binding in place with cross stitches.