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Rustic Traditional Light Fixtures

Using light fixtures to enhance the décor of rooms is an important part of the overall decorating arts. Lighting is not only functional; it helps to create a mood. For those people decorating in a traditional rustic style, the lighting must both provide the serene atmosphere of wilderness environments, as well as an aesthetic quality that brings the outdoors inside to the occupants of the home.
  1. Metalwork

    • Traditional rustic lighting fixtures were often made of metal by homegrown blacksmiths that worked the metal on farms and ranches in primitive forges. This craftsman-look is often found in manufactured lighting that retains the rustic appearance with lighter materials easier to maintain. Chandeliers are often used that carefully follow the western or rustic themes, yet are unobtrusive to avoid getting in the way of everyday activities.


    • Wood lighting structures make a faultless accompaniment to traditional rustic décor. The warm colors and natural look give rooms a homey, comfortable appearance with a variety of choices in styling. Small table lamps or larger, over-the-table chandeliers in polished wood tones or rough-hewn surfaces give rustic rooms an authentic, atmospheric feel. Fit fixtures to the scale of the room, such as large, dramatic fixtures featuring antlers for spacious great rooms.

    Candle Bulbs

    • In the past, actual candles were used in rustic settings to provide the light for everyday activities. Today, electric light bulbs in the shape of candles serve the same function while preserving the traditional look for rustic decors. These bulbs come in a variety of sizes for your lighting needs. Rustic décor does not need to be darker and poorly-lit with today’s energy efficient lighting systems. Balance overall light needs and atmospheric lighting for different areas of the home.

    Rustic Imagery

    • Incorporating the imagery of rustic landscapes, wildlife and imagery is often a feature of traditional rustic light fixtures. These lights may use silhouettes or evergreen trees, leaves, animals or mountain scenes to repeat the outdoor environments where this styling is often used. These images in conjunction with the use of natural materials create an overall effect of traditional, rustic life.

    Traditional Shades

    • Often, traditional rustic lighting utilizes shades over the light bulbs in neutral colors that fit in with the natural theme of décor. These shades tend to be smaller in size than more formal lighting fixtures and offer subdued lighting that fits into the calm, rustic theme of the room.