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Delta Scroll Saw Directions

A scroll saw is a pedal-operated or electric saw that is used for cutting small and intricate curves in wood. It can be useful for crafts and other art projects to cut out different shapes and angles that bigger saws are not delicate enough to do. A Delta Scroll Saw is one of the many different types of scroll saws, and its operation is slightly different than that of any other type of scroll saw.

Things You'll Need

  • Board
  • Pencil
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      Inspect the scroll saw and verify that it is securely fastened to the stand with bolts through each of the three holes in the bottom of the saw. Set the board that you will be cutting down on the saw and outline the cuts you want to make using a pencil.

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      Line up the blade of the saw with the starting mark on the board. Locate the on/off switch on the right side of the scroll saw base. Adjust the tension on the blade. Pull the lever directly above the blade and turn it clockwise to increase the tension and counterclockwise to decrease it.

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      Flip the on/off switch to "On" and grasp the board firmly with one hand on each side of the scroll saw blade. Move the board through the stationary blade along the pencil marks. Continue around the board along the lines. Stop and adjust the tension again, if necessary.

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      Move the blade along the line until the board has been completely cut to the desired shape. Turn off the scroll saw and remove the board. Blow off all the dust on the board and inspect it to verify that the proper cut was made and your desired shape has been achieved.