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Handicap Access Landing Requirements

A landing is a flat area that is required at the base and summit of all handicap-access wheelchair ramps. This is to enable wheelchair users to relax and be able to control the wheelchair easily. The Americans with Disabilities Act lays down the requirements for landings in the ADA Accessibility Guidelines.
  1. Width

    • The width of the landing must be at least the same width as that of the ramp leading to it. This is to ensure consistency and make sure that wheelchairs can pass on all points.


    • Landings should measure at least 60 inches in length. This is to allow the wheelchair user space to rest while not inhibiting access for others.

    Change in Ramp Direction

    • Landings where ramps are changing direction are required to have minimum dimensions of 60 inches by 60 inches. This allows the wheelchair space to rest, while allowing people to pass it. It also allows for space to turn the wheelchair.

    Landings with Doorways

    • If a doorway is present on the landing, there must be adequate space for a wheelchair when the door is opened. This is a safety feature to prevent the wheelchair having to move back onto the slope to avoid blocking the doorway, and ensures that there is enough room for both.

    Landing Level

    • The landing must be level with no slope on it. This is to avoid wheelchair tipping backwards, or bottom out when approaching the ramp.