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How to Repair a Miehle Vertical Printing Press That Will Not Go on an Impression

The invention of the printing press in 1439 by Johann Gutenberg forever changed the way that information was spread. Its invention made it possible to publish books, medical journals and news. The Miehle vertical printing press made its debut in 1921. Manufactured by Miehle Printing Press & Manufacturing Company, the Miehle press was known for its durability. Although production of the Miehle vertical press ceased in the 1960s, there are still Miehle presses in operation in smaller print shops. If the press will not move onto an impression, which are commonly stored on plates, there are several courses of action to be taken to correct it.

Things You'll Need

  • Socket set
  • Gear oil
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    • 1

      Unplug the press from the electric wall socket.

    • 2

      Remove the press front panel with a socket set.

    • 3

      Inspect the gears to make sure there is no paper jammed in them or dirt crusted on them.

    • 4

      Add several drops of gear oil to the gears and replace the front panel.

    • 5

      Lift the impression plate from the plate bed. Use a putty knife to scrape and remove any dirt or debris from the plate bed.

    • 6

      Slide the impression plate back into place and make sure it rests flat and evenly.

    • 7

      Plug the press back in to test it.