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How to Use a Fein Blade in a Sonicrafter

Any price comparison will reveal that a Rockwell Sonicrafter beats a Fein Multimaster hands-down. However, some say that while the sanding blades available for a Sonicrafter are more than adequate to do the job, the cutting blades are just not up to the quality of the Fein blades. That problem used to leave the prospective customers for each tool wondering whether they should spend less money on a Sonicrafter and get blades that are not up to the job or spend the extra money on a Multimaster just to get the blades. Fortunately, several tool manufacturers have come out with adapters for the Sonicrafter that allows the use of Fein blades.

Things You'll Need

  • Fein blade adapter
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      Unplug the Sonicrafter. Turn the top washer on the auger counterclockwise, also turning the auger screw. Release the top washer when the screw is far enough out to grab and unscrew it with your fingers.

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      Slip the square indent on one side of the Fein blade adapter onto the end of the Sonicrafter auger.

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      Slide the desired Fein blade on the other side of the adapter in the desired position.

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      Put the adapter's top washer onto the top of the blade. Slip the adapter's Allen head screw through the top washer, Fein blade and adapter into the auger. Thread the screw clockwise into the auger, finger tight. Finish tightening the screw with the adapter's Allen wrench.

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      Plug the Sonicrafter into a power outlet. Turn on the Sonicrafter and make any desired cuts.