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Alabama License Requirements for a Home Remodeling Business

Homeowners often choose to remodel when they want to upgrade their living accommodations but don't want to move. They look for remodelers who can provide roofing, plumbing, electrical, tiling, painting, plastering, woodworking and cementing services, among others. Alabama residents should know that contractors and other professionals who work in the home remodeling business operate under strict Alabama laws.
  1. Contractors

    • The state of Alabama mandates that a home remodeling contractor who bids on a residential project that costs $10,000 or more obtain a contractor license. The Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors licenses contractors and oversees their work. The board provides names of licensed contractors to potential home remodeling customers and clients who wish to ascertain the licensing status of a contractor. The board also investigates complaints against contractors and has the authority, through the Alabama Legislature, to discipline a contractor when necessary. A client who plans to remodel a home should check to ensure that the contractor holds a current license. The contractor must renew the license yearly.
      Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors
      2525 Fairlane Drive
      Montgomery, AL 36116

    Specialty License

    • A client who plans a home remodeling job should select a contractor who possesses a "Specialty" (BC-S) license from the board. This license states that the contractor has a license to engage in the sort of specialty construction needed in home remodeling. This includes earthwork, fencing, foundations, masonry, carpentry (framing and finish), moisture protection, insulation, door and window installation and painting and other finish work. After submitting an application to the board, the contractor must sit for an examination to ascertain his knowledge and ability to fulfill the type of contracting work that the license will certify him to perform. The board recognizes contractor's licenses from other states.


    • Electricians in Alabama, either those who work with contractors or those who work independently, must possess a current electrician's license. The Alabama Electrical Contractors Board grants licenses for electricians in the state. The board notifies potential customers or clients about the licensing status of an electrician or an electrical contractor.
      Alabama Electrical Contractors
      334-269-9990 or 866-873-4664

    Plumbing and Gas Fitting

    • The Alabama Plumbers and Gas Fitters Board examines, regulates and certifies gas fitters and plumbers in the state. Alabama law states that only a certified plumber or gas fitter may perform plumbing or gas fitting work, either independently or in the service of a contractor. The board also notifies potential clients about the current licensing status of all gas fitters and plumbers in Alabama.
      Plumbers and Gas Fitters Examining Board
      11 West Oxmoor Road, Suite 104
      Birmingham, AL 35209