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How to Frame a Walk-In Pantry

Many people struggle to find ample room to store their food in a way that is organized and easy to find items in. A walk-in pantry can solve this problem and is easy to incorporate into a kitchen remodeling. It will not take long to frame your walk-in pantry. The size of your pantry will depend on your storage needs and where you decide to put the pantry in your home. Since you can walk into the pantry, you can design it to have the shelves run along each of the walls.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Stud finder
  • 2-by-4-inch lumber
  • Circular saw
  • 4-inch nails
  • Hammer
  • Hand saw
  • Framed door
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      Determine where you want your pantry to go. It may be easiest to place it in an existing corner, because it will not be in the way and you will need to build only two additional walls to complete the pantry. Using a stud finder, find and mark the studs along the walls. You will need to attach the walls to an existing stud, so this will determine the exact size of your pantry. Measure from the floor to the ceiling and take away 4 inches to find how tall the length pieces need to be. Measure the width of the framed door to find how long the top piece for the door frame will be.

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      Cut your wood. You will need two pieces of 2-by-4 that are the length of each wall of the pantry. These will be the top and bottom pieces of the frame. You will need enough height pieces to space them 18 inches apart from each other the length of each wall frame you are building and one piece that is the length of the width of your framed door.

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      Put the wall frames together by laying out the pieces for each frame. Nail the height pieces along the bottom piece for the frame 18 inches apart from each other. The top and bottom pieces will be flat against the ceiling or the floor. Nail the top piece to the frame. For the frame with the door, leave a space where the door will go. Nail in height pieces at the exact width of the door frame so it will just fit in the space. Nail in the top of the door frame at the correct height.

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      Nail the wall frames into place. Attach the wall frame to a marked stud in the wall. You do not need to pull out the existing drywall; you can just nail through it. Nail at the bottom of the wall and again every 12 inches to the top of the wall. Nail into the floor on either side of the studs and do the same thing into the ceiling joists. Join the corners of the wall frames by nailing every 12 inches up the length of the wall.

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      Saw the bottom of the wall frame out where the door will go. Install the door by nailing it into place at each corner and then 12 inches apart up the length of the door.

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      Finish the pantry by installing either drywall or paneling and the shelves you want to use for the pantry.