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Home Room Addition Ideas

It's not uncommon that a family outgrows its space, and the answer to that problem is a home addition. The possible uses of a home addition are endless, and whether it is to benefit one family member or all is a matter of personal choice. With a little creativity, an addition can change the look and feel of your entire home.
  1. Sunroom

    • A sunroom makes the most of natural light.

      A sunroom is an addition that can be enjoyed by the entire family. An open, airy room with a wall of windows makes the most of natural light no matter what the season, and can do wonders for the mood and outlook during the long winter months; this makes it an ideal addition for cold weather areas.

      Decide how many walls will be windows. Adding a bay window and bench seat can help to maximize the amount of natural light. If you plan on using the room year around, make sure to properly insulate it for the winter months, and consider windows that can be opened during warmer months.

      Don't ignore the view outside the windows of the new sunroom. A garden, fountain, koi pond, bird bath or bird feeders can provide an ever-changing outdoor view from the warmth and comfort of the indoors.

    Sports/Game Room

    • A game room can be a place for adults to relax or families to challenge each other to friendly competition.

      A game room can be a great addition that the whole family can enjoy.

      When building a sports or game room addition, consider more than just where the dart board and pool table are going to go. Run plumbing and water lines; this makes it easy to install a sink and refrigerator behind a bar. Lay out plans for a television and surround-sound system from the beginning, as this makes wiring much easier. Bringing large items such as pool tables, pinball machines and foosball tables into the room before it is completely finished can make setup easier.

    Laundry room

    • An addition can help keep the rest of the house neat and clean.

      A laundry room can open up a considerable amount of space throughout the rest of the house. The addition of a laundry room will not only house the washer and dryer, but can also contain closets for towels, linens and other items used by the entire family. Run a water line and install a sink with countertop; an outdoor or garage access will give the family a place to clean off dirt and grime from outdoor adventures before going into the house proper.

      For those who share the house with dogs, consider a industrial sink big enough to double as a dog's bathtub.

      Add a recessed wall and folding table for a convenient place to do all the ironing.

    Home Office

    • A carefully designed office space can make work much easier.

      Whether you are starting a new business or working from home, a home office can help create a dividing line between the comforts of home and the responsibilities of work.

      Design the addition around the work space needed. A large desk can be part of the floor plan, and bay windows can let in the maximum amount of natural light available during normal working hours. Consider built-in bookshelves, cabinets and other storage spaces.

      A corner shelving unit can provide a place for a coffee maker, cups and all the necessary condiments. A mini fridge can make venturing from the office for lunch unneccesry, and can also hold all the energy drinks needed to get through the day.