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Ideas for a Front Porch & Deck

When it comes to front porch and deck design, there are a variety of different schools of thought. Designing an outdoor addition can be just as enjoyable as it is stressful if you implement proper planning. If you put a great deal of thought and work into the design process, you can ensure a comfortable space to enjoy for many years.
  1. Furniture

    • The furniture you outfit your deck or front porch with is just as important, if not more so, than the structure itself. Choose furniture that is both comfortable and able to stand up to the elements. If your porch or deck is covered, wood or wicker furniture are both strong options. Porches and decks that are exposed to the weather are best outfitted with aluminum or plastic furniture.


    • Depending upon what your porch or deck is made out of, your flooring options may or may not be fairly limited. Wood floors can be painted with a high-gloss enamel to simulate a different type of flooring material, which can be very attractive when well maintained. Porches can also be painted black and white for a faux marble effect.


    • Shades on a deck or porch are important for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, shades can make sitting outside possible on even the hottest and sunniest of days. A variety of different options exist regarding shades, including canvas, bamboo and cotton. In a pinch, you can even use curtains to provide your deck with some shade.

    Color Schemes

    • For your porch or deck to look its best, it should follow a cohesive color scheme. Generally, the colors you utilize in your furniture and decorations should complement the exterior of your house without drawing too much attention to themselves. As a result, stay clear of any colors that are overly bright or gaudy; light, neutral colors are often the best choice.