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How to Remove Kitchen Tile From Plaster Walls

Taking kitchen tiles off plaster walls can be tricky because the plaster on the walls will crumble and fall off if you apply too much force, or if you try to simply pry the tiles off. The trick is to clear away the grout around the perimeter the tile being removed, using a grout saw, which is a straight carbide blade on a handle. Once you are able to get at the base of the tile where it meets the wall, you can tap at it with a chisel until the mortar bond breaks and the tiles pops out.

Things You'll Need

  • grout saw
  • Mortar chisel (thin and sharp)
  • Small hammer
  • Razor scraper
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      Break up and scrape out the grout from around the first tile you want to remove. Press the blade firmly to the grout and push it forward and back to dig it out. Remove it from all four sides of the tile.

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      Set the tip of the chisel into the space along one edge of the tile where you dug out the grout. Hold the chisel back at a diagonal angle, with the tip on the joint where the tile meets the plaster wall.

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      Hit the chisel with your hammer, with medium force. Scoot the chisel 2 or 3 inches along the tile and chisel it again. Repeat, moving the chisel around the whole border of the tile, loosening it, until it comes out.

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      Repeat the whole process for each tile that you want to extract.

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      Scrape off any remaining mortar or grout from the exposed wall, using a razor scraper.