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How to Choose Bamboo Cabinets

If you're doing a kitchen remodel, bamboo cabinets are definitely something you should consider! Bamboo is the hottest building material going right now, and best of all--it's green! I can personally attest to bamboo's phenomenal growth--the bamboo plant in my yard grew over a foot in one day! So why use expensive woods from old growth forests when you can have bamboo cabinets? The materials will grow back so quickly, you've barely made any footprint at all!


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      Think about your budget. If you want bamboo cabinets, you will definitely pay more than you will for the standard cabinets at the home improvement store. Although, they shouldn't cost any more than any other sort of cabinet. Why pay for designer particle board cabinets?

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      Consider your style. Bamboo cabinets will give your kitchen a hip natural look. It looks great with modern appliances like stainless refrigerators. It also looks good with more classic appliances. If you like linoleum kitsch, it may not be your style. Although bamboo cabinets tend to be modern, you can find them in more traditional styles--it is just a bit more difficult.

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      Make sure that you choose quality bamboo cabinets. Bamboo cabinets should have a very deep layer of bamboo--not merely a superficial one. Bamboo veneers can be as thin as 1/40 inch. On the other hand, bamboo plywood can be 100 percent bamboo through and through.

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      Decide how green you really are. Be aware that some bamboo cabinets may be made of laminated bamboo plywood, which is not always a green process. Find out how your bamboo cabinets have been manufactured.

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      How long do you expect the kitchen remodel to last? Bamboo cabinets and other products typically have a very long life span due to their durability and strength.