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Can You Install Allure Flooring Over Old Linoleum?

Allure flooring comes in planks that look like natural wood and tiles that look like natural stone or ceramic. Unlike natural wood and stone, however, you install Allure without fastening each piece directly to the subfloor. Instead, planks or tiles of Allure snap together to create a floating floor, making for easier installation. Because it floats, you can install Allure over most types of existing floors, including linoleum.
  1. Installation over Linoleum and Other Floors

    • You can install Allure over your existing linoleum floor without need for extensive preparation. You do not need to put down underlayment before installing Allure over linoleum, or even over wood, ceramic or concrete floors. However, you should replace or patch loose and torn areas of linoleum before installing Allure. In addition, if your pattern has embossing more than one-eighth of an inch in depth, cover the linoleum with a coat of floor leveler before beginning installation.


    • Allure flooring is suitable for home and commercial use. Because Allure resists moisture, you can install it over linoleum in basements, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and other areas with high moisture. Unlike stone, it provides a warm and quiet surface to walk on, making it suitable for a variety of home and business uses. You can also find colors and patterns to enhance your particular decor. For example, wood tones include wild cherry, light Muskoka oak and dark African wood. Tile colors include red rock, onyx and chocolate. Allure has additional decorative impact because it has the texture of the natural materials it imitates.


    • Although you can install Allure directly over many types of existing flooring, you cannot install it over carpeting. Allure is not suitable for outside use, such as on porches or patios. You cannot use it in areas without protection from the elements, such as unheated areas. Even indoors, you should use blinds and draperies to protect Allure from damage by direct sun. Indoor temperatures greater than 95 degrees Fahrenheit for long periods will damage your floor. Provide ventilation or air conditioning in any room or building that will remain vacant during hot weather.

    Lines of Allure

    • Allure comes in different lines, including Allure Ultra, Allure Plank, Allure Tile, Allure Innovation and Allure Commercial, all available at Home Depot. The designs and warranties vary with the type.The Ultra flooring looks like wood, is waterproof and has a lifetime residential warranty. It carries a 10-year warranty if used commercially. Allure Plank flooring, which looks like wood and resists moisture, has a 25-year warranty, as do the Allure Tile and Innovation lines. The heavy-duty line is Allure Commercial, which carries a 25-year guarantee even for high-use areas. The manufacturer recommends Allure Commercial for garages, basements, restaurants and work studios.