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What Wall Color Goes With a Brick Fireplace?

A brick fireplace can create a cozy atmosphere; however, it can also present a few interior decorating problems depending upon the brick color, room wall color and how much light the room gets during the day. Light wall colors may make dark red bricks look too garish while bright primary colors can make the bricks look dirty even when they aren't. The wall color that goes with your brick fireplace will take all of these factors into consideration.
  1. Eggshell

    • A light eggshell or off-white wall color will enhance the brick fireplace when the bricks are a light to medium tan or highlight the white bricks in a red and white brick fireplace mix. The neutral wall color creates a clean looking display of brick and makes the most of a room that does not get direct sunlight during the day. Firelight will bounce off the neutral walls at night, creating warm shadows.


    • Paint your walls taupe if your fireplace bricks are a deep red with light-colored mortar. The taupe walls will make the room feel warm and showcase the brick fireplace without making it look too dark red or bright and garish. Taupe also helps to pick out the neutral colors of the brick mortar. It goes well with light or dark hardwood floors or a wheat or light brown wall-to-wall carpet.

    Light Yellow

    • Replace bright or jewel-toned wall colors with a light yellow. Bright colors can make the unfinished surface of your fireplace bricks appear uneven and dirty. Light yellow walls let the brick color stand out on its own and reflect natural daylight to give the room with the fireplace in it a light, airy, refreshing feeling that counterbalances the heaviness of the bricks and mortar of the fireplace.

    Olive Green

    • Olive green walls can create a warm and cozy space in a room with a brick fireplace, especially where the wood accents, such as the mantel, window and door trims and wall moldings are all very dark wood. It also goes well with a very dark hardwood floor or carpet. Olive green walls can minimize natural or firelight glare and create a soft ambiance, even around a heavy, dark red brick and mortar fireplace.