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Standards for Concealed Walls

Wall standards are a type of wall shelving that allows you to connect a series of shelves, hangers or hooks along a wall. The standards are thin strips of metal with a series of holes where you can place brackets or attachments, suspending materials or surfaces in place. This is a common setup for stores where goods are hung on walls for display. Concealed wall standards hide the screws and brackets that the standards need for support.
  1. Concealed Standards

    • While concealed standards are not much different from the typical standards that you can install on walls, they are the most minimalistic option and make the best use of wall space. However, they are also the most difficult to install and must often be placed at the same time that the drywall is installed. The standards are screwed into the wall studs themselves with accompanying screws.


    • The first concealed standard metal uses a T-shaped standard with two lips or flashings on either side with holes for screws. The lips are screwed directly into the studs, and then the drywall is installed over the standard, with holes or angles cut to make room for the protruding part of the standard. The result is a standard without any visible supports. Other standards may use a double-lip arrangement where the screws are present, but hidden behind the primary series of display holes in the standard.


    • Standards are typically made from stainless steel for corrosion resistance and durability. Some other options may be available depending on the brand. Versions may be covered with brushed metal patterns for different shades. Others can be covered with dark coatings to avoid the mirror-like finish of stainless steel. Paint should be powder coated and applied during manufacturing, not painted on afterward.

    Standard Variations

    • Concealed wall standards can be either vertical or horizontal. Vertical standards are typically spaced between 24- or 48-inch gaps. In addition to position and spacing, concealed standards are often sold according to weight as well. Heavy duty and extra heavy duty versions are available for hanging or displaying very heavy objects.